summary of BMT neuro-muscular readaptation. 1 level

Course of BMT

Introduction and summary 

As we have learned, thanks to the understanding of our body’s motor control, we have developed useful tools to counteract muscular instabilities and the compensations that our body makes in situations of vulnerability.

“The body adapts to the forces it receives”

These tools, which we call active shortenings, are based on the improvement of the contractile capacity of our system in all positions of the physiological joint range. Its application will respect the arthrokinetics of cushioning and impulse of our body, meaning it will take into account how our system, through different tissues, transfers forces from one area of the body to another.
We call BMT a set of training tools of the neuromuscular system whose main objective is to achieve joint stability, that is, that all the muscles of the body control the forces they exert throughout the day, understanding our motor system as a complex integration of multiple subunits, which must work in harmony to achieve such stability.

BMT opens a new paradigm in strength training in which there are two key aspects:
1.- Training and compensation of the distal ends of the body
2.- A GLOBAL system formed by the interrelation between all the subunits of the body through muscular synergies, be they neuromechanical or biotensegrity 
With this, the professional is given the necessary tools for the employment of sessions of Neuromuscular Voluntary Training or E.N.V., focused not only on the improvement of the client’s physiological capacities but also on their Neuromechanical capacities.
If you successfully complete this specialization course you will become part of the Certified BMT family, with which you can have visibility on our website and offer sessions of E.N.V.
“Those who have the privilege of knowing, have an obligation to act” … (Albert Einstein)


Specialization Course

Trainer BMT (Level 1)

Balance Muscular Training proposes a face-to-face training system with online support to help the healthcare professional acquire useful tools in his professional endeavor through the
learning of the BMT® Process.

At this level we seek mainly to:
• Deepen the understanding of the bases of neurophysiology and biomechanics
applied to movement
• Deepen the biomechanical and neurophysiological bases in which the ENV® is formed.
• Understand the importance of active movement control mechanisms in stretching
• Learn tools for assessing the loss of neuromuscular contractility.
• Strengthen the understanding of relationships or muscle chains in their phases of absorb and impulse in our body.
• Achieve joint stability following the initial bases of the BMT® Process.

Specialization Course Trainer BMT (Level 1)

• Module 1: BMT Presentation.
• Module 2: The Most Important “The Boss”
• Module 3: Applied Neurosciences
• Module 4: stretch analysis. And the electricity, It´s Important?
• Module 5: Applied Biomechanics. Sports movement analysis.
• Module 6: Kinematic and Biotensegrity IMPULSE / ABSORBE. KINEMATIC o BIOTENSEGRITY
• Module 7: Practice

This course focuses on working respecting the hierarchy of the physiology of your clients. You learn to work on focusing your work on the nervous system such as the Peinfeld homunculus and muscular synergies.
You will learn to treat the articular function not only by improving its anatomical and biomechanical functionality, but also by stimulating the higher centers involving the motor cortex and the somatosensory neurons.

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