zoneakupunktur på fødder og ankler


Zonal acupuncture (Fod- og ankelakupunktur)

Zonal acupuncture, ankle and wrist, consists of the treatment of pain and illnesses of the whole organism through the introduction of needles in one or a few points of the 12 points distributed above the wrists and ankles (6 points in the wrists and 6 points in the ankles). Each of these points has an area of the body assigned to it, which is called the Reflexology Zone or zone of influence.

In this acupuncture course you do not need to have knowledge of acupuncture, because it focuses on the nervous system and the fascia.

This course is essential for manual therapists because it will help you reduce your client’s pain, needles are placed that will be in place throughout the therapy session, so that to the effects of your manual therapy you add the effect of the needle at the level of the nervous system and fascia. The needle is placed completely in the dermis, so that it will not bother you to mobilize or stretch your client.

It is a treatment that can be used alone, for example to treat a neck, an elbow, or a kidney, but you can also combine it first using zonal acupuncture and then use another system such as abdominal or cranial acupuncture, which is extremely effective.

In the course we will try to work with real clients, with real problems

Course of 8 hours. English

Significant advantage:
To work with this system you do not need a stretcher, you do not need to remove your client’s clothes,

Time to eat, coffee


Objectives and competences

This method of Zonal Acupuncture, ankle and wrist, is amazingly easy to learn for any acupuncturist, massage therapist, physiotherapist, etc. Even anyone with knowledge of anatomy can easily learn this method.
It is a method that is incredibly effective. For me personally it is a treasure, there are not many techniques that are so easy and offer such good results.

– Because of the rapid pain relief (analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect), in many cases instantly or from the first session.
– Because this treatment is painless and does not pose any danger to the patient, as there are no organs located in the wrist and ankle.
– As it is a painless needling technique, it can be more easily accepted and trusted by people who are apprehensive about needles.
– Also, by only pricking the wrists and ankles, it has the great advantage that the patient does not have to undress.


  • Introduction to zone acupuncture, ankles and wrists.
  • Formation of the stimulation zones.
  • General information.
  • The technique.
  • Description of the zones.
  • Contraindications.
  • Map of zones.


Ekstra teknikker, som du vil lære på dette seminar, Teknikker med et godt forhold og synergi med zoneakupunktur:

  • Permanent intradermal nåleteknik
  • Myofascial akupunkturteknik


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