Structural Soft Techniques Course


Structural soft techniques course

This is a course of gentle techniques of joint correction and soft tissue treatment.
These are classical techniques of the American, English and Belgian osteopathic schools, which have proved their effectiveness for years, and which are part of the program at European and American osteopathic universities.
Only at MAT academy in Frederiksberg you have, in a 3 weekends course, the opportunity to learn how to incorporate them in your work with your clients,



 Course of structural soft techniques 

Would you like to learn a comprehensive treatment method used by osteopaths and chiropractors?
Do you feel that you lack resources to solve difficult problems with your patients?

We propose a very practical and effective corrective method to solve many difficult cases. You will understand the pathology from its cause and correction from our center which is the pelvis and its relationship with the occipital. In the course you will learn how to use differents techniques and you will learn   a very practical and effective methods to solve the origin of various acute and chronic pathologies.

– A simple treatment model without risks for the patient. By using the wedges we balance the patient’s pelvis and he will recover the physiological mobility of the sacrum, occipital and iliac.

– Understanding how the pathology appears.

-Easy ways to test your client

Aort  (soft osteopathic technique course)

It is an effective method of soft osteopathy, non-invasive, based on the stimulation of the nervous system looking for a neurophysiological effect to seek a joint correction. 
We look with this technique to give the information to the body for its autocorrection and to recover the physiological movement of the articulation and the body and the muscular tensions.

This is a course to learn how can correct the spine, sacrum, knee , elbow, pelvis.

Global osteopathic techniques

This is a non-invasive treatment focused in the soft tissue. Classical technique from English Osteopathic School .

Release positional techniques

This, is a easy technique to release the soft tissue, This technique is used for chiropractors  , physiotherapist and osteopaths,

Course of manual therapist

This course does not replace the regulated osteopathic training.
This course does not convert you in an  osteopath, this course  only helps you to improve your treatments with your clients and gives you more specific tools to treat joint dysfunctions.


1 weekend





  • AORT techniques ( 1 part)

2 weekend

  • AORT techniques (2 part)


3 weekend

  • GOT techniques
  • Positional release techniques


Course in English


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