Neurodinamic therapy


Course of evaluation and exclusive treatment of the peripheral nervous system A weekend course where you will learn to evaluate and work with the peripheral nervous system, essential to work with clients with radiating pain, numbness and lack of strength where a nerve or plexus is affected.

14  hours, 2 days (Friday-Saturday-Sunday)

January 2022


Neurodynamic therapy

Exclusive course of assessment and treatment of the peripheral nervous system.

You have clients with sciatica problems, don’t you? You have clients with brachial plexus problems, don t you?
You have clients with referred pain, with pain that, from the neck extends to the fingers, clients who feel tingling and lack of strength, right?
And we as masseurs, we strive to work, knead, stretch, and we also know that according to the hierarchy of systems, the nervous system is more important than the musculature, and yet, we continue to work the musculature from an inappropriate concept, because when these cases appear, it is not the muscle that is the cause, and we need to treat also the muscle and joint.

Do you want to learn how to work the nerve directly?

I present to you the neurodynamic therapy course in which you will learn how to assess the nerve and how to work it:

Anatomy of the Nervous System
Physiology of the Nervous System
Biomechanics of the Nervous System
Mechanisms of pain
Neuropathies and the Immune System
Structural Differentiation and Effects of Neurodynamic Techniques
Global neurodynamic tests
Median nerve
Radial nerve
Ulnar nerve
Musculocutaneous nerve
Axillary nerve
Long thoracic nerve
Suprascapular nerve
Brachial plexus and cervical radiculopathy
Femoral nerve
Lateral femorocutaneous nerve
Obturator nerve
Saphenous nerve
Sciatic nerve
Common peroneal nerve
Tibial nerve
sural nerve
Arnold’s nerve
Treatment Progression for Distal Pathology
Treatment Progression for Proximal Pathology
Case report. Cervical radiculopathy
 Case report. Plantar pain

Course for experienced masseurs


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