Kinetiks level 2 Legs and hips


Kinetic level 2. Legs and hips

Course for manual therapists such as masseurs, sports masseurs and personal trainers, kinetics level 1

After the basic and introductory course.
12-hour course where you will learn to evaluate and treat muscle dysfunction in the lower extremity and hip.

12 hour course on weekends.


Kinetics 2 Hips and legs

In this course, and after the introduction, we move on to the more specific parts of the course.

As we know the dysfunctions and compensations for problems in the ankles, knees or hips will be transmitted over time to other parts of the body,
In this course, especially focused on these areas, you will learn to evaluate and treat these problems in your clients.
We start with legs and hips.
We learn to use the tests, both neurofunctional and mobility.
It is these tests (and not the client’s pain) that decide our therapy. Second step is to learn the corrections to improve the neuromuscular system.
Kinetics is a system that, working through the muscles, focuses on stimulating the parts of the brain that control pain and movement.

We learn to evaluate and correct:

  • Lack of mobility and pain in
    • Internal/external rotation, flexion/extension, hip abduction and adduction in both prone and supine positions
    • Knee flexion and extension
    • Ankle flexion extension
  • Therapy using isometric


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