Kinetics 4: Chest, back and abdomen



This is the last seminary and we focus on the back, chest, and abdomen.
Here we already understand the influences of other parts of the body on the back and on the contrary, we begin to make the general photograph of the dysfunctions of our client
Course for manual therapists, masseurs, sports masseurs, trainers
12 hours of course



We are going to learn how to correct the pain and back problems of our clients from

  • Transverse plane (spinal rotations supine and prone)


  • Front plane
    Lateral flexion of the spine with different rotations


  • Sagittal plane
    Flexion and extension of the spine


  • Transition zones
    • Psoas and company
    • Spine flexion with hip rotations
    • Spine extension with hip extension
    • Internal rotation of the glenohumeral joint
    • Reverse hip and spine movements


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