Kinetics 3 Shoulder/ upper limbs


Kinetics 2 : Upper limbs

Course for manual therapists and trainers on how to evaluate and treat the upper extremity from a functional perspective.

We know that arm, hand and especially shoulder problems are transmitted to other structures such as the back and neck, this is a good way to evaluate and correct those dysfunctions that affect your client so much.
12 hour course over a weekend



Kinetics 2 : Upper limbs

We work evaluating with movement tests, and neurofunctional shoulder, elbow and hand.
glenohumeral joint
Due to its low stability, the glenohumeral joint is a treatment priority, although it will always be the information from the tests that determines if it is a reality in your client.

We evaluate and correct:

Gleonohumeral joint 

  • Flexion/extension
  • Abduction/adduction
  • Horizontal abduction/adduction
  • External and internal rotation


  • Flexion and extension
  • Supination/pronation


  • Flexion/extension
  • Abduction/ adduction


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