TEST. How to find the information? The importance of being precise. Course


Introduction to testing (1 level)

How to find the information?

In this course we talk about tests, if we want to optimize our work we must be able to obtain specific information,
We cannot work according to personal beliefs or spend the entire session looking for and treating the different triggerpoints,
The cause is usually not where  the client feels pain,

With this test course you will learn to find the structures that the body really needs you to focus on.

We will learn to test the emotional field, finding the exact emotion, when and where it occurred, who was in that event We will learn to test some basic structural tests that we always have to do with our clients Visceral tests and basic correction of the viscera We will learn to test the organs according to Chinese medicine


9-17 h.  and pauses ,

1500 kr Frederiksberg


One of the words that I like the most in Danish is “præcis “, and if we want to be precise ,to do an effective job of finding the most important point in the client, we have to work on to help him, we need to use tests, osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors. , with more education  use tests in their work. Why we don’t use them?

In this first level you will find simple tests that will help you not to get lost in the pain of your client, to help  working   moore precise, fast and in efficient way.


Where do we start?

  • Cluster : What is?
  • Temporality : Why is important?
  • Types of pain
  • Talking about the nervous system

Types of Listening 

Concepts of osteopaths and physiotherapists Dr . Sharon W and Jean Pierre Barral

  • 2 types of global listening
  • local listening
  • Learning to inhibit in diagnosis
  • Thermal diagnosis
  • Adding kinesiology:
  • Spine/shoulder,/sciatica/hips
  •  Finding the tension lines

Testing: Emotional field

  • Emotional Global Test
  • Finding emotion in the conscious or unconscious
  • Emotions and their relationships with organs and structure

Testing: Energy field

  • Diagnosis of the arm in relation to the spine and head
  • Abdominal diagnosis (organs)
  • 5 elements (TUNG)

1 saturday- 1500 k


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