The philosophy of our school is to make learning easier and to give you simple techniques that at some point can make a difference in the results of your treatments….
We know that this is a difficult time and we want to help you to take your business forward by offering you the best tools, which are education, powerful courses, and effective techniques. You are a masseur, and you have to compete with your colleagues, but also with other complementary health professionals (Feldenkrais practitioners, Rolfing, shiattsu, acupuncturists, but there are also other types of tougher competition, such as osteopaths or physiotherapists, so if you need to consolidate your space and your clients, we can help you.
We have several lines of teaching,
We have invested time in breaking down some medium courses into smaller ones to give you more comfort, not only to give you more time between seminars and classes, but also to free you financially by not having to pay every month, but always, when you finish a seminar you have tools that you can use that same day without waiting for the next seminar or course to use the whole toolkit possible, for example the philosophy of the Chinese medicine microsystems, kinetics or BMT course.

This has not been possible with long courses like integrative therapy because of the complexity and depth of the areas it covers, and we don’t see any sense in separating systems in kinesiology when it is holistic and integral in itself.


There is NO need to pay using our online system, you can sign up by sending an email to info@manualtherapycourse and pay on the day of the class.

There are courses like kinesiology or holistic therapy that are more expensive, but, in case you are happy to learn and cannot afford it, we can always find a way to finance it for you.