Neuro courses

In this section you can choose between two working systems. Two therapies that share the same aims and objectives but with different visions and tools, Kinetics and Bmt.

As therapists we already work with the tissue, we remove contractures, restrictions but always from a tissue vision.
And what about function? If we do not treat the function, there is no movement, there is no synchronicity or muscular synergy, there is no joint balance, there is no function in the myofascial chains, the natural and postural tension lines are affected.
Don’t you have clients with frozen shoulders, who have back pain when they walk, who can’t turn their neck?

Isn’t it illogical to treat movement problems and pains with a completely passive therapy (massage-osteopathy…)?

BMT and Kinetics work with this aim in mind and with the vision of :

-Working on neuroplasticity by stimulating the centres that control motor and sensory function.
-Working on function by improving the communication between the osteoarticular system and the nervous system.
-Improving neuromuscular function.
To improve the synchronicity and physiology of movement.
Change the afferences to change the response of the nervous system.

The two therapies complement each other and have great synergy, perhaps BMT is more focused on sportsmen, therefore it is more interesting for trainers, pilates teachers, or sports masseurs, while kinetics, apart from these professionals, is also aimed at masseurs, chiropractors, osteopaths…