kinesiology is the second area we put in the group of “Energetics”.
The strength of kinesiology is that it is a great system to get information from the client, this way we can find out what is behind the pain/strain/problem/illness of the client.

For example, a client with a neck pain, you can find out if the origin is structural, which structure, if it is organic and be able to define (liver, stomach), if it is an energetic problem, emotional, etc. …..
You can test the emotions, find the food that causes intolerance, test a vertebra, a muscle…you can test everything you can think of in relation to the reason for your client’s consultation.

And what about the treatments?

In this kinesiology course you will learn to test to find the imbalance and you will learn by testing to find the solution and test the dose (plant/vitamin…) but also the emotion and I will teach you how to release it, also neuro-lymphatic and neurovascular points to work internal organs, as well as acupuncture points to regulate the body, if you are a masseur you will use kinesiology to test a vertebra, a tendon,…,

In short, kinesiology is a tool that will give any therapist the right tool and dose for his daily work..,
In fact you will learn to work by testing and to relate different areas independently of which therapy you use but always using this interrelation;

structure (muscles, ligaments, tendons)-organ (viscera, organs, nervous system-emotion).

Therefore it is an important and very versatile working system regardless of whether you are a massage therapist, acupuncturist, naturopath, homeopath etc.