Course :Kinetics 2. Lower limbs

We work with legs and hips. We learn to use the tests, both neurofunctional and mobility. It is these tests (and not the client’s pain) that decide our therapy. Second step is to learn the corrections to improve the neuromuscular system. Kinetics is a system that, working through the muscles, focuses on stimulating the parts ... Read more


Kinetics course: 3. Upper limbs

We work evaluating with movement tests, and neurofunctional shoulder, elbow and hand. glenohumeral joint Due to its low stability, the glenohumeral joint is a treatment priority, although it will always be the information from the tests that determines if it is a reality in your client.   More information  


Course: Kinetics 4 Back, thorax

  This is the third seminar and we focus on the back, abdomen , chest. Here we already understand the influences of other parts of the body on the back and on the contrary, we begin to make the general photograph of the dysfunctions of our client Course for manual therapists, masseurs, sports masseurs, trainers ... Read more