Energetic therapies

Area of energetic therapies

Seminars of therapies where energy, both the eastern and the western vision are reflected.

Energy is what shapes health and illness, fluidity or stagnation. Yin and yang for the orientals, sympathetic/parasympathetic system for us.
Acupuncture seminars where you will learn to work on the problems of our clients, whatever it is from the movement of Qi. Cranial, abdominal, or zonal acupuncture seminars, or Yuan points.
Seminars where you will learn how to diagnose and treat the most common disorders of our clients, osteomuscular, digestive, respiratory problems, etc.


It is a classic therapy developed in the 60’s by American chiropractors and Belgian osteopaths (applied and holistic kinesiology) where the therapist’s knowledge and pre-established ideas are set aside and we enter with kinesiology into the world of testing, testing the cause, testing the treatment and even the dosage (plants, flowers, emotions, food, muscles, organs, meridians and acupuncture points).