Det proprioceptive system

The proprioceptive system:

Composed of a series of nerve receptors that are in the muscles, joints, ligaments, skin, fascia …
The brain then processes this information and sends it to the muscles to carry out the necessary adjustments in terms of muscle tension and stretch to achieve movement wanted.
It is part of a mechanism to control the execution of the movement.
Participates in the development of complex motor responses (such as balance and coordination, for example).
Helps the development of the body scheme.
It behaves as a “defense system” through reflex responses that are produced by excessive stretching or very high loads.
These receptors are responsible for detecting:
The degree of muscle tension. The degree of muscle stretch.
… And they send this afferent information to the spinal cord and the brain to be processed together with otherInputs that come from other systems (such as the vision or the vestibular system).
Are we sure that muscle tension and contractures should only be addressed in the muscles and the superficial fascial system?

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