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BMT is a working method specially designed for massage therapists, sports masseurs and manual therapists in general.

Many times we have this type of clients who come to our practice with pain, where there is no type of injury, and who go to other professionals and do not find a diagnosis, an unexplained pain that the professional relates to stress, or perhaps an old injury, certainly for example, a sprained ankle, if there has not been a break, in a few days the tissue is recovered.
Why does it still hurt?
As masseurs we have the weakness to relate everything to muscular or fascial problems, and it is easy for us to think that the area hurts because the muscle is tense, but, without recent injuries, without trauma, and in cases where deep fasciae/viscera are not involved, the idea that the muscle is irritated and therefore irritates the nerve, and the nerve causes us pain relating it to a muscular problem, is erroneous.
Generally it is the nerve that is irritating the muscle.
Let’s go back to the previous case of the ankle…
If we have a client who had that sprain a month ago, and there is no inflammation or fibre rupture, why does it still hurt?
What kind of information is being sent by the muscle spindles and Golgi, through the afferent pathways, which the central nervous system interprets as a danger, and hence, the reaction is pain? a pain that has a protective function.

What is clear is that the systems obey a hierarchy, in which the nervous system is the boss. And it is here where Kinetics and BMT do their work, by means of muscular work we are going to work the motor and somatosensory neurons.

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