treatment of menstrual problems from a different perspective

A new perspective on the treatment of menstrual problems Menstrual pain: treatment from Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology This month we address the treatment of menstrual pain from Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology. And it is that, there are lies that, based on being repeated, end up seeming true. Menstrual pain affects a large percentage of women month after month There … Read more

Kinetics course for professional trainers

We start 27-28 August, Do you need more information? Kinetics course for trainers Are you an exercise or movement professional? Have you heard of muscle activations?With the Kinetics MUSCULAR ACTIVATION Program you will have an effective and proven system to identify the weak points of the Neuromuscular system and you will be able to correct … Read more

Traditional Chinese acupuncture versus Japanese acupuncture

Traditional Chinese acupuncture versus Japanese acupuncture Traditional acupuncture. Why do we have to study it? Reviewing a therapy perhaps not very practical I started studying traditional acupuncture in 2006, a long time has passed since then, and it makes me wonder, now, what arguments could support studying traditional acupuncture from a practical perspective in current … Read more

SuJok, Korean technique

SuJok, Korean technique The Su Jok technique was developed by Professor Park Jae Woo. “Su jok” means hands (“su”) and feet (“jok”) in Korean. Park Jae Woo was born on March 11, 1942 in South Korea. Graduated from the National University of Seoul, in the following years, and until his death in the city of … Read more

How to approach our clients with chronic pain?

How to approach our clients with chronic pain? We are all clear about what a client with chronic pain is, by definition a client with chronic pain is a localised and subjective perception that can vary in intensity and is felt in one part of the body. It is the result of stimulation of the … Read more

Zonal acupuncture

What is zonal acupuncture? It is a very simple highly effective acupuncture system, surely the simplest that exists so far. Developed in China by a neurologist in the aviation army. There it is known as wrist and ankle acupuncture, but, in Western countries, thinking that it was a system to exclusively treat wrist and ankle … Read more

Do you know….

Did you know that last year there was a 43% increase in cardiovascular diseases in New York related to stress? And that those people who related stress as a negative and threatening situation died?And that this means that the perception of events determines both physical and emotional health. Do you know that dysfunctions of the nervous … Read more

Det proprioceptive system

The proprioceptive system: Composed of a series of nerve receptors that are in the muscles, joints, ligaments, skin, fascia … The brain then processes this information and sends it to the muscles to carry out the necessary adjustments in terms of muscle tension and stretch to achieve movement wanted. It is part of a mechanism … Read more

biologisk afkodning anvendt

BIOLOGICAL DECODING APPLIEDBiological Decoding is a emotional accompaniment led by decoder, who has the mission of knowing the biological language of the consultant to facilitate the process of releasing your emotional tension. The biological decoder must have present the following guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of its accompaniment:Listen to the symptom and the body. Keep … Read more