Acupunture microsystems

Acupuncture microsystems courses

Do you want to learn how to work with acupuncture and don’t want to spend money and 3 years of your time learning Chinese theories that are difficult to understand?

Do you want to learn an easy form of acupuncture that saves you time and money?

Do you need techniques that work the internal energy in a fast and effective way to complement your work?

You have the possibility to learn  techniques and systems that study the reflexes of organs, viscera and other anatomical structures of the body using different maps of representations in various specific areas.

These courses are designed to complement the work of therapists who are not acupuncturists such as massage therapists, naturopaths, physiotherapists,..,

Certainly studying one of these systems by itself does not empower you to do an acupuncture treatment, but it does help you to enhance the treatment of your therapy, but knowing all these systems and the synergies they have with each other,  these allow you to do an acupuncture treatment with very good results without spending years and money of your life learning the confusing traditional acupuncture.

These acupuncture micro-courses are very easy to learn and give a qualitative leap to the results of your therapy.


If you want to stand out we look forward to your participation

These are the systems: