Five elements According to the relationship of domination-8

According to the relationship of domination

1st) Inhibit the wood to support the earth. It is used to unblock, decongest the liver and thus strengthen the spleen (occurs in cases of excess liver with empty spleen). spleen).
2nd) Disperse the heart fire and tonify the kidney. This is indicated in the rupture of the heart-kidney energetic relationship (kidney yin insufficiency with excess of heart fire).
3rd) cultivate the earth to inhibit the water. In this method, tonification is done by heating the spleen-kidney yang to dissolve excess moisture.
4th) Strengthen metal to inhibit wood. Restore the function of the lung to calm, control the wood.
When applying the rules of production-domination of the five elements, in relation to the application of the therapeutic principles, we have to know how to discern the principal from the secondary:
This means treating the mother as the primary treatment and treating the child as secondary or the other way round. Disperse the excess as the main treatment and tonify the emptiness as the secondary treatment or vice versa.



4.- Application of the five element theory in acupuncture
The five-element theory is widely used in the practice of acupuncture. There are several ways in which this theory can be applied to treatment. These can be can be summarized in two points:
– Treatment according to the different cycles.
– Treatment according to the five ancient Shu points (this will be discussed later).
Treatment depending on the different cycles:
If we consider the treatment of a specific element, we must take into account the different relationships of this element with the other elements according to the cycles of production, domination, aggression and insult, aggression and insult.
Example: If wood is unbalanced we have to consider if the unbalance could be caused by another element and if this is affecting another element. If we have a liver insufficiency and the patient shows signs and symptoms of liver blood insufficiency we should check the state of the water element in case it is responsible, for not being able to nourish the wood. On the other hand, we must check the state of the wood to see if it is insufficient because the metal attacks it or because the fire exhausts it, pulls the wood, or because the earth insults it. or because the earth insults it. We will also take into account if the insufficiency of the liver affects the heart (son) (possible heart deficiency because the mother does not nourish the heart). (this is another possibility).

C (+)

H (-) B (+)

R (-) P (+)
If the liver is insufficient it is because it is not nourished by the kidney (mother). To correct this situation we will tonify both the mother (kidney) and the child (liver). If the liver is insufficient because it is being assaulted by metal we will disperse (soothe) the lung. If the liver is insufficient because the heart (son) pulls too much on it by depleting it
we will disperse (calm) the heart. If the liver is insufficient because the spleen insults it we will disperse (calm) the spleen. If the insufficiency of the liver affects the heart we will tonifies both.
If the liver is in excess (fullness) we must verify if the excess is because the metal is insufficient and does not dominate (control) the wood, look to see if the wood is
is attacking the soil, or is demanding more from its mother, the water, pulling it.


H (+) B (-)

R (-) P (-)
If the liver is in excess because the metal does not dominate it, we will tonify the metal and disperse the liver. If the excess of liver weakens the earth we will tonify the spleen.
If it exhausts (pulls) the water we will tonify the kidney.


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