This is a section for these professionals interested to work with movement. These therapies are dessigned to work with agonistic, antagonistic muscles.
It is a way of working with the natural synchronicity that must be given in every movement.
It focuses on the nervous system, apheresis and efferences because it works on neuroprogramming and neuroscience applied to manual therapy based on movement.

This year will start with 3 differents courses:

SotaiCourse aimed at all types of therapists, professionals who work with passive techniques such as massage table, others who work with active techniques such as pilates instructors yoga, 

Activation muscular techniques: We have a muscle activation course that will appeal to both active and passive therapists and personal trainers. In this course you will learn to work with specific tests of 30 muscles, with them you will know if you have to tone and how to do it so that the muscle responsible for the movement works and regains balance and joint stability.

We also have a course in propioception:
This course is mainly for personal trainers and sports masseurs. With this course you will learn to recover your client after an injury, to improve the motor control of the joints and also you will learn to do a preventive work in those sportsmen with repetitive injuries.