5 elements-3


Restrictions  5 elements part 2.

b) The dominated element is empty (it is insufficient), which makes the inhibition of the dominating element stronger on the dominated element, thus making its weakening more evident.
Wood Earth –(In a normal state of equilibrium) (Insufficient)
Wood attacks earth in a vacuum.
The order of aggression of the five elements is the same as the order of domination.
– Wu: means insult, opposition. It is the outrage of one element over another:

Wood Earth

Water Metal

Two options:
The dominated element is too strong and does not respect the domination relationship by turning against the dominant element=”reverse domination”.
Wood in its normal state is dominated by Metal. If it appears in excess it will not only not allow itself to be dominated by the metal, but will dominate the metal = insult, outrage, opposition.
+ Wood
(In excess) Metal

If the metal is empty it may lose its dominance over the wood and the wood will dominate the metal = insult, outrage.

Metal (empty -)
The order of the insult relationship is opposite to that of domination.


The relations of aggression-insult are abnormal phenomena, and although these two relations are distinct they are related.
Wood in excess can both assault earth and insult metal.

Wood + Earth


Empty metal can be insulted by wood and assaulted by fire.

Metal –

3º The five elements in Chinese medicine
The applications of the theory of the five elements in Chinese medicine are multiple and very important and are mainly used in five areas:
– Physiology.
– Pathology.
– Diagnosis.
– Treatment.
– Dietetics and herbal medicine


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