Hvem styrer vores appetit: os eller bakterier?

Who controls our appetite: us or bacteria? The sensations of hunger and satiety mobilize every animal. And both sensations are of visceral origin. In other words, our digestive tract commands our energy behavior through molecules that interact with our brain and, this, integrates the signals that give as a response: I need food (hunger) or … Read more

Depression: sygdom eller symptom?

Depression: disease or symptom? In this post we will discuss whether depression is a disease and therefore causes symptoms and how to avoid it. Or if it is a symptom and therefore a consequence of something. Depression as a chemical imbalance The idea that depression and other mental health problems are caused by an imbalance … Read more

Nøglen til at være en god manuel terapeut:

Nøglen til at være en god manuel terapeut: Koncept, som du aldrig må glemme i dit arbejde Personligt lægger jeg ikke større vægt på klientens smerter, end det i virkeligheden er, det er blot en af de mest almindelige årsager til, at vores klienter besøger vores klinikker.Men vi skal skelne om det er kroniske eller … Read more

Hjernetåge er et rødt flag: Neuroinflammation

Neuroinflammation. What is it and how to avoid it A red flag indicates danger. It is a universal signal that we all understand and, before it, we become alert. The universal language for science is English and that is why in science we talk about Red Flags. If we take it to the field of … Read more

Hjernen som regulator af inflammation

The brain as a regulator of inflammation In recent years we have become aware that, from an evolutionary, biological and even anthropological point of view, the two priority systems for the survival of the human being (and, therefore, the two systems to be prioritized energy supply) are the brain and the immune system. To understand … Read more

Råd fra en gammel behandler

Is it important to focus on the structure? Most of you who read this article work, like me, with manual therapy, whether you are a masseur or work with other techniques. I started 20 years ago in the world of manual therapy, like you, I spent time learning anatomy, and techniques to release tissue, stretch, … Read more

Hvorfor er fedtforbrug vigtigt?

Why is fat consumption important? Why is it important to think about fats? Every year there is a greater understanding of the determining role of EPA and DHA fatty acids on our health. It is now known, for example, that people with the highest blood levels of EPA and DHA combined were 10% to 17% … Read more

stress fysiologi

Stress fysiology What is stress and how does it affect our body? Stress, that word so common in our society. When I ask my patients what they do for a living, I always ask if their work causes them stress and if it affects their body. And in most cases, it is a resounding yes. … Read more