Orkesterlederne: neuro-immun-endokrine system

The orchestra conductors: neuro-immune-endocrine system Do you want to go to the next level and be a therapist? Being therapists means understanding that the muscular system is not the most important, although the client’s trapezius hurts, and you have to accept that the body is directed by a scheme and that there is a hierarchy … Read more

treatment of menstrual problems from a different perspective

A new perspective on the treatment of menstrual problems Menstrual pain: treatment from Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology This month we address the treatment of menstrual pain from Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology. And it is that, there are lies that, based on being repeated, end up seeming true. Menstrual pain affects a large percentage of women month after month There … Read more

Kinetics course for professional trainers

We start 27-28 August, Do you need more information? Kinetics course for trainers Are you an exercise or movement professional? Have you heard of muscle activations?With the Kinetics MUSCULAR ACTIVATION Program you will have an effective and proven system to identify the weak points of the Neuromuscular system and you will be able to correct … Read more