Det proprioceptive system

The proprioceptive system: Composed of a series of nerve receptors that are in the muscles, joints, ligaments, skin, fascia … The brain then processes this information and sends it to the muscles to carry out the necessary adjustments in terms of muscle tension and stretch to achieve movement wanted. It is part of a mechanism … Read more

biologisk afkodning anvendt

BIOLOGICAL DECODING APPLIEDBiological Decoding is a emotional accompaniment led by decoder, who has the mission of knowing the biological language of the consultant to facilitate the process of releasing your emotional tension. The biological decoder must have present the following guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of its accompaniment:Listen to the symptom and the body. Keep … Read more

3 episode: slidgigt, lændesmerter og fibromyalgi

3 episode: osteoarthritis, lumbar pain and fibromyalgia Osteoarthritis pain Most common form of arthritis Degenerative and inflammatory Affects function (Affects hands, knees, hips…) Pain 62% are older people Activation of local nociceptors Sensitization of polymodal receptors in foreign areas of convergence with neurons at a general level with hyperalgesia. Clients with radiographic alterations with or … Read more

sammenhæng mellem fibromyalgi, slidgigt og kroniske lænderygsmerter, del 2.smerte fysiologi

Nervesystemet, kroniske smerter “Det sympatiske og parasympatiske system, hvor førstnævnte er overdrevent forhøjet, vil få immunsystemet til at irritere og være i alarmberedskab, og begge er ansvarlige for et inflammatorisk respons i de tidlige stadier af inflammation, men hvis det parasympatiske system ikke er aktiveret, har vi, at det inflammatoriske loop stadig er aktivt, Derfor … Read more

Peter Levine, Øvelser for traumer.

PETER LEVINE: EXERCISES FOR TRAUMA HEALING RESTORING OUR OWN SENSE OF SECURITY – Right hand under the left arm at the side of the heart. – Left hand on the right shoulder. – WAIT AND OBSERVE… Observe what sensation you have in your body, in your hands. What is happening inside your body. Become aware … Read more

Ynsa Et fantastisk akupunktursystem, der er let at lære og bruge.

Ynsa, an easy and effective acupuncture system, a good tool for  therapist. Let’s talk about what is Yamamoto’s Acupuncture YNSA -Craniopuncture- is a comprehensive system of acupuncture assessment, diagnosis and treatment, developed by Japanese physician Toshikatsu Yamamoto. Like all acupuncture systems it works on the regulation and stimulation of Qi energy in organs and different … Read more